​*     Tables are to be requested through ACPTA with a downloadable PDF form.
       If you have questions please contact us at acpta.tables@gmail.com

*      If you do not receive conformation for the table order please contact Beth Stanley at 330-733-5678.

       Please DO NOT CALL Custodial Services to order tables.

*     Chairs are ordered through Custodial Services.
       By using an IF-I form #76030017 available in the school office.

*     You must give 2 weeks notice when requesting tables. Requests will be confirmed 
       through the ACPTA Tables Chairperson, Beth Stanley.

*     Tables are delivered by Custodial Services the day before your event and picked up the
      day after. We cannot request specific times for drop offs and pick ups.

*     Tables may be used only on school premises for PTA or school related functions.
       (Please do not use tables in the rain.)

*     PTA Units shall be charged $3.00 per table, all other rentals will be $5.00 per table.
      The tables are to be used only for school or PTA functions.
      Table rental fees are due within 30 days of the invoice date.

*     An additional fee may be charged if tables are needed for more than one day.

*     All tables should be covered prior to using.

*     Please remove all coverings, tape, spills, etc. before they are picked up. 

*     If you have any problems with a table delivery, please call 330-733-5678 (Beth Stanley)
      by noon in order for it to be handled prior to your event. 

*     Please be considerate when using these tables, so that we can continue the ACPTA
      Table Rental Program. 

                                         Thank you for supporting our APS students!

Table Rentals