*     Tables are to be requested through ACPTA with a downloadable PDF form.
       **Currently we have 90 six foot rectangular tables in our inventory.
       If you have questions please contact us at acpta.tables@gmail.com

       Please DO NOT CALL Custodial Services to order tables.

*     Chairs are ordered through Custodial Services and must be ordered separately.
       By using an IF-I form #76030017 available in the school office.

*     You must give 2 weeks notice when requesting tables. Requests will be confirmed 
       through the ACPTA Tables Chairperson, Beth Stanley.

*     Tables are delivered by Custodial Services the day before your event and picked up the
      day after. We cannot request specific times for drop offs and pick ups.

*     Tables may be used only on school premises for PTA or school related functions.
       (Please do not use tables in the rain.)

*     PTA Units shall be charged $3.00 per table, all other rentals will be $6.00 per table.
      The tables are to be used only for school or PTA functions.
      Table rental fees are due within 30 days of the invoice date.

*     An additional fee may be charged if tables are needed for more than one day.

*     All tables should be covered prior to using.

*     Please remove all coverings, tape, spills, etc. before they are picked up. 

*     Please be considerate when using these tables, so that we can continue the ACPTA
      Table Rental Program. 

                                         Thank you for supporting our APS students!

Table Rentals
​The ACPTA Table Rental Program has been proudly serving our APS Students for over 30 years!

APS PTA'S, Student Councils, STEM Expo's, Career Academies, and private events have all taken advantage of this program and the proceeds have benefited our APS students through our 
Senior Scholarship Program.