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Need Help?

Our members of the The Ohio PTA Administrations are happy to help keep PTA's mission on track. 
In order to serve you in the most efficient way it is important to follow certain paths to resolve any issues that you may be dealing within your local unit.

This is just a recommendation of appropriate protocol.

By following these recommendations issues can be resolved by local Councils and Advisors.
Thus reducing the number of calls to the State office.
* Please remember that we are all volunteers and need reasonable time to resolve issues.
If you don't feel that your issue is being resolved you are welcome to contact the next level of administration or of course you are always welcome to contact the Ohio PTA.

Conflict Resolution Chain of Command
 Cluster Advisor
Akron Council President
 District 13 Advisor
Ohio PTA

Your Local Contacts are:
Buchtel Cluster Advisor - Sheila Smith
East Cluster Advisor - Glorya Porter
Ellet Cluster Advisor - Michelle Dargai
Firestone Cluster Advisor - Vacant
Garfield Cluster Advisor - Vacant
Kenmore Cluster Advisor - Vacant
North Cluster Advisor - Vacant
​Specialty Cluster Advisor - Vacant
Akron Council of PTA's President - Beth Sendelbach
District 13 Advisor - Lisa Weaver
Ohio PTA 1-800-699-6628

You are very important to us and we look forward to serving you!